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Rental management

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Michel LECAT

Property administrator

LOn paper, renting a property is an attractive proposition: the return will always be higher than for any other financial investment.

But then you have to manage: find a solvent tenant, claim the rent from them every month, make sure they pay what they owe, give them their receipts, keep the accounts for this activity, etc. You also have to react when there are unpaid bills, find out if the tenant's claims are well-founded when they ask for work to be done, pay the charges to the co-ownership if necessary, regularise the advances on charges that have been requested from the tenant, etc.
Not to mention the legal and fiscal maze that surrounds this activity. In short, while rental can be profitable, it remains a complicated business.

To help you manage all these aspects, SOUDEY offers you a rental management solution: the choice is yours, whether you opt for the low-cost Essential pack or the comprehensive Premium pack.

Our agency has extensive knowledge of the entire rental management environment in the area stretching from DIEPPE to SAINT-VALERY EN CAUX. It is backed up by specialists in the field (lawyers, bailiffs, etc.) and will support you throughout your tenancy:  finding your tenant, checking their creditworthiness, carrying out an initial inspection and managing the relationship. This management service is provided by PCG Gestion, a "sister company" of Cabinet SOUDEY.

Don't hesitate to contact us: it's free, there's no obligation on your part and it will help you identify the extent of what we can do for you.

Our rental management services

The Essential Pack

The Essential Pack gives you everything you need for the administrative management of your property. With this solution, :

  • Claim the rent from your tenant every month
  • Follow-up if necessary, until the bailiff is sent,
  • Collects the rent and service charges on your behalf
  • Sends the receipt each month,
  • Reassess the rent in accordance with the lease
  • Check that your home is properly insured
  • Pays the charges on your behalf (optional) and makes the regularisation payments to the tenant,
  • Keeps accounts of amounts collected and paid on your behalf.


Every month, you will receive a detailed management report by email, showing the sums collected, the expenses incurred on your behalf and details of any outstanding payments. The full amount is transferred to your account on the 25th of the month (from our bank).

You have access to a website that allows you to monitor management and centralises all the documents you may need.

We also manage the guarantor or unpaid rent insurance when there is one, and we answer any questions the tenant may have about the payment of rent and service charges. For all other questions, we refer them to you.

In the event of non-payment, we carry out all the necessary reminders (e-mail, SMS, RAR, bailiff) and mobilise our network of partners (lawyers, bailiffs) to resolve the situation. We will support you through to the end of any legal proceedings that may be required. Of course, if you have a guarantor or unpaid rent insurance, we can use their guarantees.

The Essential pack offers the essentials of rental management at the best possible price.

Our rental management services are provided by PCG Gestion, a sister company of Cabinet Soudey.

The Premium Pack

You benefit from all the services of the Essential Pack, with the added bonus of managing "day-to-day" work - with our companies or your own - and a systematic interface between you and your tenant. With this option, your tenant never contacts you directly, whatever the reason. We will, of course, handle all their requests.

The Premium pack offers worry-free rental management.

Our rental management services are provided by PCG Gestion, a sister company of Cabinet SOUDEY.

Unpaid rent guarantee or deposit

We offer you a choice of 2 types of cover for your rental property: either unpaid rent insurance, which we take out on your behalf, or a guarantor.

Unpaid rent insurance covers loss of rent up to €90,000, with no excess and no waiting period for new tenants. It also covers damage to the property up to €10,000, as well as legal protection in the event of a dispute with your tenant. We take out this insurance on your behalf, and you are charged 2.3% inclusive of tax on the rent.

The guarantor is selected by us and their solvency is, of course, checked. The guarantor is contacted as soon as the first non-payment is made: he or she receives the same reminders as the tenant (apart from a simple reminder) and is then directly implicated if the non-payment persists.

The fees charged by the agency for managing this unpaid rent or guarantor insurance are 0.7% excluding VAT (0.84% including VAT) of the amount of the rent. Please note that these coverages are subject to change by the insurer, so check the coverages that apply when you take out your policy.


Finding your tenant

The agency can search for your tenant according to your criteria. Failing that, we apply the criteria generally used by unpaid rent insurance companies:

  • Net professional income greater than 3 times the amount of the CC rent
  • A stable employment situation.

We give priority to unpaid rent insurance, but we offer all types of guarantee solutions.

The search for tenants is highly seasonal: 75% of lettings take place between June and the beginning of October, and lettings of properties with 3 bedrooms or more are almost always shared.

Located in VEULES-LES-ROSES for over 70 years, the SOUDEY office knows every alleyway and perhaps every house in the village.

As a long-standing contact for many people in Vevey, SOUDEY will be able to help you with your purchase or sale project.

The reputation of VEULES-LES-ROSES - which extends far beyond our borders - attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year, and many of them want to buy or rent a house on the Côte d'Albâtre. Naturally, they contact Cabinet SOUDEY, the only agency in the village and its immediate surroundings.

VEULES-LES-ROSES, SOTTEVILLE-SUR-MER, SAINT-AUBIN SUR MER, QUIBERVILLE, ANGIENS, BLOSSEVILLE SUR MER, ICLON, LA CHAPELLE SUR DUN - and many more - are all charming places that are in demand by customers who are primarily looking for a second home, but sometimes also a main residence.
 Don't hesitate to tell us about your project, we'll be happy to help. Our estimates are immediate and free of charge.

Michel Lecat, head of Cabinet SOUDEY, is a qualified real estate valuer from the Centre National de l'Expertise.

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