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Ihere are several things a seller needs to know. The first is that everything sells: whatever the condition of the property, its location, whether it's empty, rented, in good or poor condition... everything sells. The price obtained will depend on the 'pressure' from buyers for this type of property. There are 4 fairly clear zones: sea accessible on foot, sea accessible by bike (from 1 to 5 km), sea accessible within 10 minutes by car (up to 10 km), and beyond.

Not everyone has the same sensibility - fortunately - but there are trends nonetheless. For a house, for example, the vegetation in which it is set and, more generally, the immediate environment and the charm of the location will have a major impact on the speed and price of the sale.

What's more, it's very important to bear in mind that the second-home market can fluctuate wildly from one month to the next, usually for no apparent reason. Patience is therefore an essential quality for a seller.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, buyers don't distrust what they're told... they distrust what they're not told! Giving out all the information - positive, of course, but also negative - is not only a legal obligation, it's also essential for a successful sale.

Cabinet SOUDEY knows the region inside out and will be able to guide and advise you on putting your property up for sale or looking for it. Our estimates are immediate and free: don't hesitate!

Valuing my property

Immediately online or with the help of a professional

The online estimate is based on past sales and the characteristics of your property. It will give you an idea of the price, but under no circumstances should it be taken as a true estimate. Only a visit from a professional can give you a precise answer.

Thatched cottage, asbestos, septic tanks...: the special features of houses on the Côte d'Albâtre.

LThe Côte d'Albâtre - but not only - is rich in thatched cottages that have kept their original features (thatched roofs) or that have evolved into more traditional roofs.

Thatch, a material that has been used for hundreds of years, is made from cereal stalks or sometimes even reeds. Thatch is between 30 cm and 40 cm thick when laid, a thickness that diminishes over time due to maintenance (it can be scraped or combed to remove moss and fungus). A thatched roof can last up to 50 years if properly maintained.

Advantages: it's a natural material that provides excellent insulation against heat and cold. It has an inimitable charm.

Disadvantage: maintenance is more frequent, and the lifespan of the roof is - albeit considerable - less than with a conventional roof. With regard to the risk of fire, which justified the ban on thatching under Napoleon, the disappearance of oil lamps and, more generally, of lighting or systematic heating by a flame have reduced this risk to such an extent that insurance companies do not charge extra for thatched roofs.

However, many thatched cottages have been replaced by conventional roofs, and fibre cement roofs are a common sight. This material contained asbestos until 1997, when it was banned, but it is still common to come across asbestos roofs.

What does this mean for homeowners? The owner must ensure that the building is in good condition on a regular basis, and any damage must be repaired using asbestos-free materials. The seller's only obligation is to inform the buyer of the presence of asbestos - that's what the compulsory technical diagnostics are for - but there is no obligation on the buyer to remove the asbestos. In practice, most asbestos roofs are in good condition and require no special maintenance.

Septic tanks are a different matter. If a septic tank is found not to be up to standard, the owner is obliged to bring the tank up to current standards. As the sanitation diagnosis for non-collective systems has been compulsory since 2011, the septic tank's situation is officially recorded at the time of sale if it has not been previously. If the septic tank is not up to standard (or if, as is often the case, there is only a "lost well" in place of a septic tank), the regulations require it to be brought up to standard within 1 to 4 years (depending on the municipality). Note that this obligation applies to the buyer... as well as to the seller if he decides not to sell. Depending on the configuration, installing a pit will cost between €7,000 and €10,000. A word of warning: septic tanks almost always fail to meet standards, even if they work perfectly well.

 Cabinet SOUDEY is very familiar with the housing market in the region, and will be able to give you precise information about the strengths and weaknesses of the property you are considering buying or selling.

Located in VEULES-LES-ROSES for over 70 years, the SOUDEY office knows every alleyway and perhaps every house in the village.

As a long-standing contact for many people in Vevey, SOUDEY will be able to help you with your purchase or sale project.

The reputation of VEULES-LES-ROSES - which extends far beyond our borders - attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year, and many of them want to buy or rent a house on the Côte d'Albâtre. Naturally, they contact Cabinet SOUDEY, the only agency in the village and its immediate surroundings.

VEULES-LES-ROSES, SOTTEVILLE-SUR-MER, SAINT-AUBIN SUR MER, QUIBERVILLE, ANGIENS, BLOSSEVILLE SUR MER, ICLON, LA CHAPELLE SUR DUN - and many more - are all charming places that are in demand by customers who are primarily looking for a second home, but sometimes also a main residence.
 Don't hesitate to tell us about your project, we'll be happy to help. Our estimates are immediate and free of charge.

Michel Lecat, head of Cabinet SOUDEY, is a qualified real estate valuer from the Centre National de l'Expertise.

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